Geriatic physiotherapy clinic for elderly rehabilitation and all about geriatic physiotherapy near vasundhara, ghaziabad.

For seniors, maintaining a lifestyle that includes regular physical activity is an important factor in protecting their health. The effects of getting older include a progressive decrease in day-to-day functionality, which can eventually lead to dependence, institutionalisation, and death. A decrease in the number of Physical performance is linked to frailty, sarcopenia, disability, cognitive decline, falls, hospitalisation, and higher mortality risk, all of which call for preventative measures to be done as soon as possible. This is important in order to avoid age-related systemic challenges. 

A physically active lifestyle in older people leads to the maintenance of good health, and a higher level of physical activity is related to a reduced incidence of disability, more disability-free years, and longer life.

There is substantial evidence to support this claim. It has been demonstrated that engaging in regular physical activity can enhance daily physical functioning, especially in physically fragile older persons. By applying holistic rehabilitation strategies and treatment approaches, we at Divine Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic focus on every possible clinical condition and treat patients not only in terms of their physical measures but also assess them in terms of their psychosocial well-being.

In addition to our regularly scheduled physiotherapy sessions, we also run a weekend geriatric clinic that is specially designed to meet the unique requirements of each patient in order to improve their overall health status. These sessions include personalised screening and a deeper understanding of older people’s health barriers on emotional, physical, and social levels. They also involve conducting community sessions along with other people who are suffering similarly in order to enhance mental and social support. If you are interested to enquire more about the activities that are involved in these sessions,

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