Community wellness services, manage your diabeties, obesity, depression and other health related condition with best physiotherapy clinics in vasundhara:


At Divine physiotherapy and wellness clinic, we believe that the involvement of the community and the nurturing of relationships between individuals, places, and cultural values is an essential component of the overall well being of our patients. This belief lends support to the concept of social health in addition to mental and physical health in their respective forms. A wider variety of services we offer for all the major health-related conditions which are mentioned below in this article. We are one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Indirapuram which provide wellness sessions on holistic measures. 

 Time and again, it has been seen that people who are battling multiple conditions on a daily basis are unable to break the vicious cycle of their diseases because they have less social involvement with other people and their communities. This can be a step that makes all the difference in someone’s road to recovery, particularly for individuals having chronic conditions, older populations, and people  battling serious mental health traumas. In addition to providing people in the ghaziabad area with community sessions designed to help them better manage their day-to-day lives and boost their overall levels of productivity, the specialise physiotherapists in indirapuram providing individualised treatment plans for specific individuals with the goal of improving all of the patients’ health-related criteria.

We undertake a number of activities in an open space within our clinic inside Mewar group of institute, vasundhara, ghazabad. These activities are psychosocial in nature and are based upon cognitive behavioural therapy, exposure therapy, and exercise therapy. Our sessions typically last between two and three hours, depending on the objective that we have set for ourselves. Activities such as mindfulness, strength-conditioning, aerobic training, guided mental management, and other similar activities boost both emotional and physical health. When these activities are performed simultaneously with other people suffering from similar conditions, they share a common interest in the illnesses, which tends to build a step towards community and social support. Wellbeing in a community can be evaluated in connection to a wide variety of different aspects of life, but it almost always incorporates some combination of aspects related to health, the economy, social ties, and safety. Sustainability, inequality, considerations of intangible cultural heritage, and inter-generational relations are the four crucial factors that are frequently overlooked, despite the fact that they are fundamental to the process of capturing a meaningful concept of community welfare and we cater to all these spectrums to become an important part in peoples living.

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  • Diabetic clinic
  • Mental wellness and management clinic (Depression, anxiety, PTSD, Behavioural difficulties, etc)
  • Geriatic Rehabilitation and social support group activities.
  • Lifestyle disease management clinic (Obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, Thyroid, etc)