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Divine Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic delivers excellent services. We improve health and function with skill and compassion. We empower recovery with personalised treatment programmes and evidence-based methods. Get healthy and live better with us. Call now for better treatment.

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Our physiotherapists are highly educated and competent in their industry. They remain current on the newest research, procedures, and breakthroughs in order to provide the most effective therapies.

Precise Examination

Physiotherapy exams are rigorous. Symptoms, medical history, and functional constraints are assessed. We thoroughly gather information for a personalised treatment strategy. Trust us for a full checkup that starts your healing."​

Best Treatment

Our evidence-based approach, cutting-edge technology, and customised care seek to give the highest quality treatment. Our dedication to excellence guarantees personalised treatment. We can help you get healthier. Get discover our most powerful cure right away."​

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What we offer

Advanced Rehab Sessions

Musculoskeletal problems

Back pain, neck pain, joint pain, arthritis, sprains, strains, muscle imbalances, and postural problems.

Community Sessions

Community Wellness Services, Manage Your Diabeties, Obesity, Depression And Other Health Related Condition With Best Physiotherapy Clinics In Vasundhara:

Pediatric Conditions

Cerebral palsy, Developmental delays, Genetic disorders, Neuromuscular disorders, Spina bifida, Torticollis, Premature birth-related issues,

Sports Conditions

Ligament tears, muscle tears, fractures, tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, and runner's knee.

Neurological Conditions

Stroke, Paralysis, Bell's palsy, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Cerebral palsy, Peripheral Nerve Injuries (Radial, Ulnar, Foot drop, etc).

Geriatric Conditions

A decrease in the number of Physical performance is linked to frailty, sarcopenia, disability, cognitive decline, falls, hospitalisation, and higher mortality risk,

Best Specialist

Meet Our Expert Team

Dr. Vikas Verma

Founder, MPT (Musculoskeletal), BPT, Diploma In yoga.

Dr. Vikash Verma (MPT ortho, BPT) is one of the most skilled and likable doctors near Noida, Ghaziabad, and Delhi, As specifically mentioned by his patients, because of his friendliness and humanity in handling patients, that extra sense of serving is crystally visible to serve humanity and their beloved patients. He is an expert in analyzing the root causes and triggers of patients with the utmost knowledge of physical therapy and rehabilitation, holding 19 years of experience with tons of awards surpassing excellence in clinical and diagnostic understanding. This additional sense of humanistic approach by Dr. Verma adds value, reassurance, and trust to patients, further contributing to their treatment journey with confidence. Check out what his patients have to say.

Prof. Dr. Rituraj Verma

Managing Director, MPT (Musculosketal) BPT, Former HOD Galgotias University.

Prof. Dr. RituRaj Verma is a famous musculoskeletal physiotherapist with more than 19 years of experience in both clinical and academic settings. She is a senior professional and a former head of department at Galgotias University. Dr. Verma is a compassionate, generous, and patient-friendly human being. Her remarkable skill set in managing individual well-being enables patients to speak about their social and mental conditioning. She oversees weekend community sessions at Divine Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic for those coping with chronic illnesses like obesity, diabetes, mental health trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and other lifestyle diseases, as well as a wider audience eager to work toward their productivity. To enquire more about the community programs and physical therapy session Call Us Now. Find out best care at affordable packages, message us on whatsapp to know more about our services.

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From Google Reviews

Suchi Garg



No words can define the perfection of Dr. Vikas in terms of diagnosis and treatment. One of the BEST doctor in the town.

I am really very thankful to him as he led me to a normal lifestyle when I was bed ridden. He is always positive and hopeful n full of life whose consultation will lead to 50% of recovery. Man of Genuinity for whom his patients are priority always…

Without any second thought, he can be consulted.

Atul Singhal



I had consulted Dr Vikas on multiple occasions and everytime his advise and assistance helped us to get over the problem. Slow and steady is his mantra to be effective, which he has proved time and again. I have known him for many years now and admire him as a heartful human being. Keep up the good work….

Yashasvi Katyayam



Dr Vikas is the best physiotherapist in the region, he has been our family doctor for more than 10 years now. We consult him for every kind of health issues, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with physiotherapy. It’s always his opinions that we trust more than any other specialised doctor as well. The best part is that Dr Vikas is not only an incredible physiotherapist but he is a gem of a person as well. If you decide to consult him on your fitness issues, he does not look at you as just another patient, he treats you as if you’re his own family member! It’s always a delight visiting his clinic!

10/10 recommended.

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